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About ProvidenceReady Oregon

ProvidenceReady was started in Portland, Oregon in 2002 as a way for high school students to gain exposure to interesting and less well-known careers in the medical field. Since then, it has evolved to encompass our School Affiliations team, our Internships program, and Career Exploration.

We prepare the future generation of health care workers by introducing them to career opportunities and helping them discover their passion all while learning the skills to succeed.

ProvidenceReady Oregon is committed to engaging our community through events that serve our underprivileged schools, and experiences that give preference to first generation students. We aim to serve a diverse population, and to form a program that proves being a health care professional is possible for anyone, no matter their background or resources. We are passionate about creating continual learning experiences for all age groups, as we believe growing and developing is a lifelong journey.

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Oregon Opportunities

At ProvidenceReady in Oregon, we provide a multitude of opportunities for high school students, college students and career seekers, including internships, events and tangible resources.

Some of our outreach opportunities include:

  • Non-clinical college internships
  • Young adult & high school internships
  • Live surgical viewings at local Providence hospitals
  • Career highlights led by medical professionals at local Providence hospitals and clinics
  • School Affiliations onboarding resources and assistance
  • Career Building Workshops
  • Career Pathway Interviews
  • Virtual Job Shadows (coming soon)
  • RX for Success: Beyond the White Coat Podcast (coming soon)
  • Apprenticeships (coming soon)
  • Social media: @ProvidenceReady
  • & More...

Administrative Fellowship Opportunities

The Administrative Fellowship at Providence offers masters level individuals a 12-month opportunity to develop their management and leadership skills through a broad array of learning experiences. Fellows will receive extensive mentorship from senior leaders as they tackle challenging, highly visible projects in their areas of interest. They will also cultivate a strong microscale and macroscale understanding of Providence's impact on the surrounding community.

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