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CovenantReady Financial Assistance

HealthTraxx Program

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Here's an idea - you learn to be a health care professional and Covenant Health will help pay for it. If you want to begin a career in nursing or respiratory therapy, Covenant has a program to help you achieve your career goals.

HealthTraxx Education Assistance

Covenant Health (CH) provides education assistance to individuals who enroll in and successfully complete certain approved health care training programs. In exchange for the assistance provided, a commitment to work at Covenant Health is required with a year-for-year repayment.

HealthTraxx Programs

There are two programs designed to assist you financially while you attend school full-time. The HealthTraxx programs are:

  • HealthTraxx Tuition Reimbursement Plan
    • Through Covenant Health's HealthTraxx program you can receive partial tuition reimbursement for each successfully completed semester of school from an approved program. CH will pay a total of $5,000 tuition reimbursement to students enrolled in a 1-year training program, $10,000 tuition reimbursement to students enrolled in 2-year programs.
  • HealthTraxx Work/School Plan
    • If you are currently a CH employee, you can receive ‘extra pay' on your paycheck, plus employee benefits (vacation time, health insurance) while attending school full-time. If the student is a part-time employee and works less than 24 hours per week, the student will receive four additional hours of pay per week plus part-time employee benefits. Work an average of 24 hours per week and receive an additional eight hours of pay per week plus part-time employee benefits. If the student is a full-time employee, the student must be able to work an average between 24 hours per week and will receive an additional eight hours of pay per week plus full-time employee benefits.

For more information about HealthTraxx please contact Jericka Parker. | Call or Text 806.999.2553

Clinical Tuition Reimbursement

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Clinical Education Tuition Reimbursement Program

When you decide to continue your education, you’re not the only one who benefits. In the fast-changing field of health care, your knowledge helps make Covenant Health a stronger institution. That’s why we encourage all employees to take advantage of our Clinical Tuition Reimbursement Program. Clinical Education Assistance Policy is offered to Full-Time caregivers enrolled in one of the following nursing programs: LVN to RN, to BSN, to MSN, to DNP, to EdD, and/or to PhD OR to: Respiratory Care Therapists (for Bachelor's Degree).

The Clinical Education Reimbursement Assistance is for up to $2,500 per semester.

You have to work for Covenant for a specific period of time following your graduation.

Am I eligible for the Education Assistance Program?

To find out if you are eligible please reach out to Cindy Crow ( and discuss the program opportunity.

How do I apply?

Pick up an Application for Tuition Reimbursement form in the hallway outside the Human Resources (HR) offices (Medical Center or Lakeside). Your manager will also distribute forms at the start of every semester.

Manager and HR approval is required prior to enrollment.

Within 30 days of the beginning of the semester, submit the following items to HR:

  • Completed tuition application (signed by manager/director)
  • Tuition bill with proof of payment
  • Copy of book receipt(s)
  • Degree plan
  • Course description(s)

Will Covenant help pay for online courses?

If you wish to take correspondence or Internet-based classes, you must get approval from HR before you apply to ensure you qualify for assistance.


We often have several scholarships available to students who apply and qualify. For information on current scholarships being offered please reach out to us directly at or you can visit the Covenant School of Nursing website at

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