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What is CovenantReady?

CovenantReady is a program where all are welcome and encouraged to join! We walk with you from the beginning of your health care career journey and continue to provide support and mentorship even after you have reached your educational goals in the industry. We prepare our caregivers for opportunities within the Covenant family by creating career pathways with the intent for advancement. This program will provide the resources for you to succeed including mentorship, scholarship opportunity, a personalized career pathway, and so much more.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2019-2029, health care is predicted to be the fastest growing employment sector with an anticipated 15% job growth. For the career seeker, it is important to know that additional schooling is associated with higher pay and less unemployment over the course of one's lifetime.

For middle and high school students, CovenantReady events can demonstrate relevancy to classroom learning and may be used to meet high school graduation requirements. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to partner with teachers, counselors, and schools to bring health career exploration to students.

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Why choose CovenantReady?

CovenantReady is an entry point into Covenant Health Ministries bridging the pathways between education, financial assistance/scholarships, mentorship, and YOUR career goals. You will gain experience in a health care setting, have help to navigate schools and jobs, and have access to financial assistance/scholarships to help you with the cost of school and certifications.

Career Exploration is a lifelong journey. Whether you are in high school, college, or a current Covenant Caregiver, it can feel like a particularly daunting and overwhelming task. Our goal is to provide accurate, realistic and insightful portraits of health care careers and the culture of Covenant. People gravitate to careers they know, see and experience. That is why it is imperative that we create connections between health care professionals and career seekers to accurately inform and guide them along their career pathway.

CovenantReady encourages those interested in a job shadow to participate in our career exploration opportunities. These opportunities have been specifically designed to provide you with comprehensive career exploration information, as well as to provide the most up-to-date career information. The learning is experiential, so rather than just observing health care workers, career seekers can actually try stepping into the role by using medical equipment on mannequins under the guidance of our staff. Visit our "How to get Involved" area to view some of the different opportunities!

What can you expect from CovenantReady?

  • Career Exploration Day Camps: Career exploration camps are designed for schools and community organizations with their students’ interests in mind. These can be held either onsite, at a Covenant location or at the school/community organization’s site.
  • Career Building Workshops: A CovenantReady professional will come to your school or organization to give a one- to two-hour workshop on the topic of the school's choice. Each can be customized to best suit students’ needs. Topics include Health Care Career Overview, Mock Interviews and Resume Writing, Professionalism, Applying for a Job at Covenant, and Overview of Health Care Careers.
  • School Presentations and Guest Speakers: Teachers can request to have a Covenant caregiver member serve as a guest speaker at their school by contacting CovenantReady.
  • Job Shadowing: Nursing School Seniors can shadow for 4 hours at a time in different units up to 3 times. If interested in other shadowing opportunities reach out directly to Terri Morris.

Schools interested in clinicals and becoming part of our program contact Susan Sayari at for more information.

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What are Career Pathways?

Career pathways are individualized plans that are built based on your career goals. To learn more, click on the career library and you will see some the possible career pathways CovenantReady has to offer! We work to create pathways for career success and advancement within Covenant Ministries.

How can I get involved?

Career Library

Click here to view our career pathways and videos of Covenant Caregivers!

Your Future Starts Here

Apply today at CovenantHealth. We look forward to meeting you!

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Diversity and Inclusion

At Covenant Health, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is fundamental to the culture, identity, and work that we do. We are passionate about fostering and sustaining an inclusive and equitable environment for all caregivers, patients, and guests. Covenant Health embraces all people no matter their race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status, military service, or
culture. Each person in our community enriches the diversity of Covenant Health and we believe our patients and those in our community, deserve the best quality care without regard to any differences. We will continue to strive to include diverse voices, experiences, thoughts, and perspectives in the work we do here at Covenant Health.

For more information, please click here: Diversity & Inclusion

Covenant Financial Assistance Opportunities

To view our financial aid offerings please click here!

Application and Hiring FAQs

Click here to learn more about common questions on applications and hiring.

What our CovenantReady Partners are Saying

Contact Us:

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  • Call: 806.725.0696
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Schools interested in clinicals and becoming part of our program contact Susan Sayari at for more information.

Covenant is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Covenant does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, disability, veteran, military status, religion, age, creed, national origin, sexual identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, genetic information, or any other basis prohibited by local, state or federal law.

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Current Covenant Caregivers

  • HealthTraxx
  • RN advancement
  • CNA to PCT training
  • Patient Care Technician
  • Monitor Tech
  • Facilities - plumbing, electrical, and HVAC certification opportunities

Administrative Fellowship Opportunities

The Administrative Fellowship at Providence offers masters level individuals a 12-month opportunity to develop their management and leadership skills through a broad array of learning experiences. Fellows will receive extensive mentorship from senior leaders as they tackle challenging, highly visible projects in their areas of interest. They will also cultivate a strong microscale and macroscale understanding of Providence's impact on the surrounding community.

Career Advancement

If you are interested in discussing opportunities for career advancement and growth reach out to Jericka Parker ( or Terri Morris ( Below are a few opportunities to know about.

CNA's are invited and encouraged to take the PCT course with Covenant School of Nursing to gain phlebotomy and EKG training for a PCT certification. This is a five-week course in the evenings with Saturday clinical, the course is offered several times throughout the year.

Monitor Tech Program is a five-week course will include eleven classes that will be comprised of thirty hours of class time and ten practicum hours. Classes will be held on Monday and Thursday evenings from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., and the last two days of the course will be direct observation EKG monitoring. The completion of this course along with a minimum of three to six months of EKG work experience will help you prepare for the Certified EKG Technician through National Health Career Association.

If you have any questions regarding the extension programs, please reach out to Trent McGuire (

Facilities growth and certifications speak with Chris Gould at for upcoming opportunities.

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