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Tuition Resources

Obtaining an education is not always a straight path for all. It can often come with barriers or obstacles but that should not keep one from pursuing their dreams. See the resources below to obtain information on things that might help you pursue the career of your dreams.


Become a providence caregiver and receive Tuition Assistance/reimbursement while pursuing a career.

DACA Financial Aid Resource Guide

DACA recipients may be eligible for state or college-based aid depending on the state they live in or school they plan to attend. Always check with your school counselor, college advisor, or career center for more information.

Nationwide Resources

Tuition Resource Tips

  • Verify that the college you attend will allow you to pay in-state tuition. This will help minimize the cost of attendance for you.
  • Some states allow DACA recipients to participate in work study. However, if they don’t in your state, there may be other job opportunities on and off campus available to you.
  • Consider private loans as an alternative to pay for school. Federal loans may not be an option, but private loans through a bank may be possible.
  • Always consult a school counselor, advisor, or career center coach to see what options may be available to you in your area.

ProvidenceReady is hopeful that these resources help ease your journey while navigating Higher Education. As of 2017, DACA recipients make up 0.25% of the workforce and that number is only expected to grow nation-wide. Laws around immigration are ever changing and we hope to see a future where education and funding for education are more accessible to all. Please be sure to always check-in with the institution of higher education you wish to attend to find the most recent and relevant accessibility to educational financial resources for you.

HealthTraxx Education Assistance

Covenant Health (CH) provides education assistance to individuals who enroll in and successfully complete certain approved health care training programs. In exchange for the assistance provided, a commitment to work at Covenant Health is required with a year-for-year repayment.

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