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Frequently Asked Questions
  • CovenantReady Application and Hiring FAQs
    • How do I apply to be a caregiver at Covenant Health?
      Covenant only accepts applications online at for all locations. Apply at
    • After I submit my application what is next?
      You will receive a text message asking for additional information, and then if you meet the job requirements for the position you will be sent an email to self-schedule an interview time with the hiring manager.
    • Can I apply for more than one open position?
      We ask that you select the positions that most appeal to you. You are encouraged to speak with the Talent Advisor or Talent Pipeline Manager if you are interested in multiple nursing positions. ONLY apply for the positions you will want to work.
    • Do I need to fill out the Employment History section if I submit my resume?
      Yes, you will need to complete all areas on the application to be considered. Resumes are encouraged for nursing positions.
    • How long will it take to get a response?
      Applications are screened through the Modern Hire process, and you should receive a text message concerning next steps.
    • Should I contact the unit to which I am applying for to check the status of my application?

      No, every applicant begins the application process through the Covenant Health website,

      Unit Managers are not advised of applications statuses.

    • Can I reapply? I was previously employed by Covenant.
      If you are eligible for rehire, you can apply at any time. If you are ineligible for rehire, you may request appeal to the CHRO of Human Resources.
    • If the job requisition says Acute RN or Resident which, do I apply to?

      Acute Care RN- passed NCLEX and have worked as a RN.

      Acute Care Resident RN- Graduate nurse with ATT and /or never worked as a GN/RN.

      Computer will reject if you do not apply to the correct reqs.

    • I’m already a Covenant employee, how can I apply for an open position?
      Any Covenant employee can apply for open positions as long as they are posted on the Covenant employment website. You must, however, have a minimum of 6 months in your current Covenant position, prior to submitting your transfer request for employment per policy. Exceptions are students and PRN status. All internal candidates must apply through Genesis (myapps).
    • I’m a nursing student, but I do not see any openings for nursing students. What should I do?
      All Graduate nurse positions will be listed as Acute Care Resident RN. After completion of your 2nd module or first semester in nursing, you become eligible to work as a student nursing assistant and after your second completed nursing semester in nursing or your 4th module, you become eligible to work as a Nurse Tech. As a nursing student, you will be asked to provide a college transcript, validating your current nursing school enrollment.
    • What is considered full-time, part-time and PRN status?
      Full-time employees usually work 80 hours per pay period every two weeks. In nursing units that work 12-hour shifts, 72 hours is considered full-time status. Part-time status is a minimum of 20 hours worked every two weeks. In a unit that works 12-hour shifts – (2) twelve-hour shifts will be required. PRN employees are required to work a minimum of (48) hours per 6 weeks and must have recent hospital experience within the previous 12 months. Exception is student positions while in school.
    • What do I do if I experience problems with this site or need assistance with completion of my application?

      Contact for assistance

    • Will I be notified when Covenant receives my application?
      You will receive a confirmation e-mail once CH receives your on-line application. It is important you answer the questions you receive once you apply via text or email.
    • Will I be notified if I did or did not get the position?
      You will be notified if you have been selected for interview and notified in the event you have an offer of employment.
    • Interview Day expectations
      Interviews are scheduled through a self-scheduling via email. Once your interview time is selected it will be conducted via Teams online. Prepare to enter the waiting room online 5 minutes prior and please allow managers time to get into the room in case they- are completing the interview prior to yours. If you do not have the manager, get online within 10 minutes, please contact Terri Morris at 806-474-8153.
    • What Can I Expect After I am offered a position at Covenant?
      You will receive a call from the talent advisor and discuss a start date and compensation. Then you will be emailed an offer to electronically sign and instructions on next steps.