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Surgical Careers

Surgery is a vital part of modern medicine. It plays a crucial role in treating a range of medical conditions, from repairing injuries to removing cancerous tumors. Surgeons are highly skilled medical professionals who lead the operating room team, but the successful completion of surgical procedures requires teamwork and expertise from a variety of healthcare professionals.

Roles in the operating room include:

  • Sterile Processing Technicians who are responsible for the effective cleaning, inspection, maintenance, proper sterilization and distribution of sterile instrumentation and equipment.
  • Surgical Technologists who prepare operating rooms and patients for surgery, sterilize equipment, pass instruments, and count supplies.
  • Electroencephalogram Technologists who observe, measure and detect brain wave patterns and possible abnormalities.
  • Circulating Nurses who assist throughout the procedure, providing critical care and ensuring sterility of the field.
  • Nurse Anesthetists & Anesthesiologists who administer anesthesia to ensure the patient is pain-free and unconscious.
  • Physician Assistants who assist with anesthesia, monitor vital signs, prepare surgical sites, operate surgical equipment, and suture wounds.
  • Surgeons who oversee the surgical team and procedure, performing delicate surgical maneuvers with the use of robotics or other technology.

A Typical Day in the Operating Room

The air in the operating room was sterile and cool. Maria, the sterile processing technician, had double-checked every instrument, making sure they gleamed under the bright lights. Dr. Lopez, the surgeon, stood at the head of the operating table with the team gathered around her. There was Ana, the physician assistant, ready to prepare the surgical site. Beside her stood Ben, the circulating nurse, prepared to hand Ana and Dr. Lopez anything they may need. At the end of the table was Alex, the surgical technologist, with a tray full of sterilized tools. Across the room Dr. Lee, the anesthesiologist, carefully monitored the patient's vitals as he slept peacefully under their care. The entire team was ready to get started.

After Ana prepared the surgical site, Dr. Lee began the delicate work of repairing the patient's ACL from his soccer injury. Throughout the procedure, Ben made sure the sterile field was maintained, Alex passed tool after tool to Dr. Lopez as she worked, and Dr. Lee ensured the patient stayed pain-free. After Dr. Lopez finished the repair, Ana sutured the wound. In just over two hours, the surgery was a success! The patient was now on the road to recovery, thanks to the skills of this dedicated OR team.

Hear from the caregivers who make successful operations possible!

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