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Frequently Asked Questions
  • FAQs for Students Onboarding with ACEMAPP
    • What is your policy concerning COVID-19?
      Students completing a clinical rotation with Providence must be vaccinated against COVID-19 or fill out a Providence COVID-19 Declination Form. Both vaccination records and COVID-19 Declination Forms are to be stored by the school with other student vaccination and immunization records.
    • How to submit transcripts
      After completing required items in ACEMAPP, students must submit their ACEMAPP transcripts to our team to receive student clearance. Please see the ACEMAPP Transcript Submission Instructions here (LINK).
    • I’m a returning student - do I still need to complete the whole onboarding process?
      If someone has been cleared as a student or faculty/instructor with Providence in the past 5 years, they may not need to complete all onboarding requirements. We will need an updated spreadsheet with the new start and end date for the returning student sent to our shared inbox. Please see the section on returning students in the OnBase Instructions, which will help to inform what requirements students may need to complete.
    • How long does it take for students to be cleared?
      Student clearance generally takes 4 weeks from the submission of the online form for nursing students. We ask that students allow 2 weeks for processing of their transcripts.
    • What if I didn’t receive my HR clearance email?
      If you have not received your clearance email, please check you spam folder. If it has been more than two weeks since submitting your documents and you did not find the email in your spam folder, please reach out to our team at
    • I've received my HR clearance email - what's next?
      Your Providence preceptor and school coordinator will be copied on your clearance email (for nursing students, emails will just be sent to you and your school coordinator). Once you have HR clearance, your Providence coordinator or preceptor will request Epic access, and will give you further instructions on how to obtain your badge (if required). You will be added to the clearance list that security personnel can access.
    • Who do I reach out to if I have questions?
      Students and faculty seeking Providence HR clearance through School Affiliations (SA) are strongly encouraged to direct questions to their instructor or school coordinator before reaching out to the SA team.
    • How do I stay connected with Providence to learn about future employment opportunities?
      We look forward to getting to know you and your career aspirations through your clinical rotation! Speak with your preceptor and unit manager about your desire to work for Providence now or in the future. Please also complete this brief form, which will help us stay in touch with you about current or upcoming job opportunities in Providence that you may be interested in.