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Frequently Asked Questions
  • General FAQs About School Affiliations
    • How do schools get started with Providence?

      Before students are able to begin rotations, an affiliation agreement between the school and Providence Oregon must completed. Affiliation agreements generally take 4-8 weeks to establish, so we encourage schools to contact us as at (SA EMAIL ADDRESS) as soon as possible to get a copy of our affiliation agreement template.

      Once school coordinators or students have located a placement and a preceptor, they may begin the onboarding process. New school coordinators who need instructions on how to onboard students can see our onboarding process HERE (INSERT LINK TO SLIDE WITH ONBOARDING PROCESSES).

    • Can school affiliations help find me a student placement?

      School Affiliations is unable to help students or school coordinators identify student rotation possibilities.

    • How do I know if my students will be onboarding with ACEMAPP or OnBase?
      Column F of the student spreadsheet (link here) asks if students will be onboarding with ACEMAPP. ACEMAPP is used by some schools to onboard nursing students.
    • Do instructors/faculty need to complete onboarding requirements?
      Instructors and faculty must go through the same onboarding process as students to ensure the safety of Providence patients. HR clearance for instructors and faculty lasts for five years; there is no need to repeat the clearance each year.
    • Who do I reach out to if I have questions?
      Students and faculty seeking Providence HR clearance through School Affiliations (SA) are strongly encouraged to direct questions to their instructor or school coordinator before reaching out to the SA team, and school instructors/coordinators must submit their SA spreadsheet before we are able to receive student documentation.